Robin saved us not only time and money, but peace of mind. We could never have successfully managed the stressful process of the Medicaid application without Robin and Ron. Their services were invaluable, and delivered with patience and kindness. I highly recommend Skilled Medicaid Planning.

J. Johnston

Going through the Medicaid application process is one of the most daunting things I have had to do! Skilled Medicaid Planning helped beyond words. They took some of the stress out of a very stressful time. I was already dealing with the stress of my father’s unexpected illness. I really didn’t have the mental capacity to deal with all the Medicaid rules and regulations. Robin and Ron understood this. They were compassionate, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable. They explained each step until they were sure that my Mom and myself understood. They treated us as if we were a family member that they were helping. The service they provide is worth every penny! I would recommend them to anyone! 

V. Green

My husband had to go into the nursing home suddenly, and I had no idea how to protect myself financially and still pay for him. From my first visit with Robin and Ron, I was comforted by their compassion and knowledge. They never pressured me into hiring them. They just told me they could help, and help they did. They were always available and ready to answer any questions I had. My Medicaid was approved quickly because of Robin's experience and she saved me a lot of money in the “spend down”which I didn't know existed. I highly recommend Skilled Medicaid Planning to help you through a very difficult time. 

L. J. 

A true blessing. Would have never figured it out without Robin's knowledge and never ending help.

Donna G.

I could not have completed this process by myself. It was a very stressful time and so much paperwork involved and documents to retrieve. They were able to take such a load off my chest and I felt confident that everything would turn out okay. They also saved me a lot of money due to knowledge of the state laws. Communication was always in a prompt, timely manner. I would highly recommend! 

L. Hannan

I'm very thankful to have heard about Robin who has had years of experience in this field. I had no idea where to start. She saved me money and a lot of stress. She compiled a beautiful binder of information and I had no problems. She was always there for me anytime I would call and would return my calls in a timely manner. Robin & Ron are very lovely people. Thank you both! 

B. Webb

Robin and Ron are extremely professional. Robin is knowledgeable in every aspect of the system. Their attention to detail and thoroughness got me through a very difficult time. Thank-You!


Skilled Medicaid Planning are compassionate and professional for their client. They know the guidelines very very well. They kept us informed on the status of our Medicaid claim. They are wonderful to work with. Would recommend them for anyone!!!

B. Taylor

MY overall experience with Robin and her husband was very professional. They were kind, patient, and caring. They had everything done very quickly.

J. Thompson 

I highly recommend having Robin help you apply for Medicaid and do the paperwork. I have been telling people to call them. You can't get better service than Robin and Ron.

J.A. VanDyke

Robin and Ron were very professional. They answered all questions and guided me through the whole process of getting all paperwork to apply for medical assistance for dad. I would highly recommend their help.        

Thank You

L. S. 

I couldn’t have gone through this without the directions and support of Robin and Ron. They made a stressful time a lot easier to get through.

Terri K.

My mom had a stroke in July 2017, I had no idea what was ahead in finding help for my mother. Through my financial adviser, I found a Skilled Medicaid Planning brochure. They helped me navigate the process, and guided me through the entire process. I called them all the time with questions and tears. I could not have done this without their help. I will always sing their praises. Thank you! 

L. Graham